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LVB POWER started in 2003, we are specialized in recalibration software for injection systems , w
e develop and install optimized software for cars which have OEM electronic management system .
 The software developed / calibrated by us offers greater power and torque without affecting engine reliability not increase fuel consumption.Custom software recalibration depends on the customer”s request and the wear of the engine.All soft's are verified and modified from A to Z, without using the copy/paste method.
 Along with the best engineers and technicians in the automotive field , we can get remarcable results for turbo charged engines ,we are also among the first in the world to develop tuning software for the new generation engines, providing for clients and companies tested applications on rolling road braked dynamo meter.
 Our company has gained notoriety due to skilled staff , technical equipment and professional applications developed and tested by us.Our goal is to offer our customers quality products, services and applications, with warranty.
Tuning and service applications are available with technical support in 4 languages : English, Hungarian, Romanian and Italian.
 Many companies exist in this field, but only few offer real power
Our company offers real power developed on big 61cm roller braked dyno capable of supporting speeds of 386km/h and 2400+ hp. The maximum axle weight is 6350kg and the track width range is 255cm with center-mounted eddy brake for steady state testing, which can support an additional 850+ HP.
 For high torque applications such as diesel testing or high horsepower drag cars and trucks the Frenesla offers the world’s largest eddy brake capable of support over 1360NM of torque. View in real-time torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you’ve made to the engine’s fuel or timing maps. X Factor Knurling option which provides the highest traction over all other competitors.The latest 2021 SportDevice SP-6 dyno controller provides all the necessary hardware and software controlling an engine test bed dynamometer, or rolling road dynamometers. The SP-6 is a fully digital PID based closed-loop speed controller. It is the perfect tool for engine performance testing, ECU calibration, endurance testing, emissions,,