New dyno developed software's available !

2.0TFSI 300-310hp

2.0TFSI 300-310hp "Simos 18" DynoChip ready ! 4xx hp ...

06.05.2016 - 2.0TFSI hp 300-310hp 2016 Dynotested-Tuningfiles ready ! Ori: : 310hp 380nmSoftware available : s..

BMW Fxx series remap by OBD ! from 2018

BMW Fxx series remap by OBD ! from 2018

20.12.2017 - BMW F series by remap by OBD  ! It is now possible to remap or flash the ECU in the FXX Series..

Porsche 3.0TDI 245hp

Porsche 3.0TDI 245hp "EDC17cp44" DynoChip ready ! ...

06.06.2015 - Porsche Panamera 30TDI 245hp Dynotested-Tuningfiles ready ! CRCC ...Bosch EDC17CP44 ecu , can be..

Ford 2.0 TDCi 185hp

Ford 2.0 TDCi 185hp "DCM6.1" DynoChip ready ! ...

14.05.2016 - Ford 2.0 TDCi 185hp "DCM6.1" Dynotested-Tuningfiles ready ! Software available:Stage 1 = 215hp 4..

718HP ! 970nm Audi RS6 C7 remap by OBD ready ! ... + 158hp + 270nm !

718HP ! 970nm Audi RS6 C7 remap by OBD ready ! ... + 158hp + 270nm !

03.04.2018 - Audi RS6 4.0TFSI V8 remap by OBD ready , stage 2  718 HP 970nm !Ori : 560hp 700nmLVB Software av..

LVB Boot Frame V1.0 + 9pin  *389Euro ...

LVB Boot Frame V1.0 + 9pin *389Euro ...

Designed to ease read/write the ECU and to reduce the risc of damaging the ECU.No more wasting time to solder/..

CMD Flash Slave OBD - Price 2100 Euro  (5 free dynotested-tuningfiles included !)

CMD Flash Slave OBD - Price 2100 Euro (5 free dynotested-tuningfiles inclu..

CMD Flash OBD Slave OBD , Price 2100 Euro (5 free tuningfiiles included !) BDM Motorola Mpc Bosch MEDC17 T..

McLaren 570s 3.8T 526hp

McLaren 570s 3.8T 526hp "ME.17.8.3" DynoChip ready ! ...

08.11.2016 - McLaren 570s 526hp 2016 Dynotested-Tuningfiles ready ! Ori: : 570hp 600nmSoftware available : st_..

Q7 2016 3.0TDI 250hp

Q7 2016 3.0TDI 250hp "EDC17CP54" DynoChip ready !

08.06.2016 - 3.0TDI hp 250hp Audi q7 2016 Dynotested-Tuningfiles ready ! Software available : st_1 : +40hp +80..

Smart 453 0.9TCE 90hp

Smart 453 0.9TCE 90hp "MED17.9.2" DynoChip ready ! ...

08.11.2016 - Smart 0.9TCE Turbo +27hp ! Dynotested-Tuningfiles ready ! Little rocket done ... (Maybe first For..

 Specialized in recalibration software for injection systems, we develop and install optimized software for cars which have electronic management system (shorted ECU = Engine Control Unit).
Many companies exist in this field, but only few offer real power. Our company offers real DynoChip power and Dynotested-Tuningfiles, developed on the dyno Dynocom with eddy brake, using latest .a2l and .dam .
 Along with the best engineers and technicians in the automotive field , we can get remarcable results for turbo charged engines ,we are also among the first in the world to develop tuning software for the new generation engines, providing for clients and companies tested applications on rolling road braked dynamo meter.
 The software developed / calibrated by us offers greater power and torque without affecting engine reliability not increase fuel consumption.Custom software recalibration depends on the customer”s request and the wear of the engine.All softs are verified and modified from A to Z, without using the copy/paste method.
 Our company has gained notoriety due to skilled staff , technical equipment and professional applications developed and tested by us.Our goal is to offer our customers quality products, services and applications, with warranty.

 Dynotested-Tuningfiles and service applications are available with technical support in 4 languages : English, Hungarian, Romanian and Italian.

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