Designed to ease read/write the ECU and to reduce the risc of damaging the ECU.
No more wasting time to solder/desolder resistances, boot and reset wires.
42 white cool 12v led light will suit all your needs to do your job fast and reliable.

Upgrade kit for original BDM frame (13.5CM AXIAL DISTANCE, CMD/EVC/KESS ETC ...)
Innovated, designed and manufactured in house by LVBpowerengineering.
Manufactered in massive 8mm transparent PMMA

Price: LVB Boot Frame V1.0 + 9 prin = 389 Euro
Spedition normal post = 25-40 Euro (aprox. 10-15 days) 
Spedition EMS with tracking number = 50-70 Euro (aprox 5-7 days)
Spedition DHL-TNT-FEDEX-UPS = 100-> Euro (aprox 5-7 days)
(spedition price without extra insurance cost !)
All conection & pin tested with multimeter.

Package content:

- massive 8mm boot frame with 42 white cool 12v led light, with protoboard OBD2 & 5 banana plug installed.
- 1 black LVB pin Vers.1.0 (for boot 1)
- 1 black/yellow LVB pin Vers.1.1 (for boot 2)
- 1 green LVB pin Vers 2.0 (for reset)
- 3 yellow LVB pin Vers 3.0 (for resistance)
- 3 Yellow/green LVB pin Vers 3.1 (for resistance)
- 6 rapid cable clips
- 4 resitance (1 kohm)
- 4 resitance (560 ohm)
- 2 screw for install
- 1 protoboard manual


Requires knowledge for handling.

- if it drops it can make damage on furniture or it can make injuries
- for cleaning use water only
- do NOT expose to heat / fire, it is very heat conductive, you can burn yourself
- do not eat
- do not expose it to heat or fire
- do not expose to the high voltage (use 12v for led light)
- use only for mention purposes