From January 30, 2011 we are pleased to announce the launch LVB Dual Soft, offer for sale this innovative product that provides guaranteed satisfaction.

Customize your ride! Not many have two software on the car ! Have fun with power reserve !
Activate power, download power overruns, contests, fun, etc.

What we do ?
Porgram the ECU (engine computer) with two different software, with different parameters.

- software can change by pressing a button, without stop the engine or use other chiptuning equipment to change the software.
- 2 sw in one car, ex: (software 1 = original 101hp and software 2 = modified 136hp),  (
software 1 = original 101hp and software 2 = modified speed limited)

Awaible for:
- VAG PD engines with Bosch EDC15P+ ecu's (1.9TDI PD 101-115-130-150-160hp) Price: 400Euro
BMW 3.0d 184hp and 193hp with Bosch DDE 4.0 Price: 450Euro

LVBpowerengineering first company in the world to develop dualsoft for Bosch DDE 4 computers mounted BMW 3.0d 184hp and 193hp !