Designed to ease read/write the ECU and to reduce the risc of damaging the ECU.
No more wasting time to solder/desolder resistances, boot and reset wires.

Innovated, designed and manufactured in house by LVBpowerengineering.
Manufactered in metal, high quality pogopins and Made in USA high quality wires.

Price: 125 Euro (7pin kit)
Spedition normal post = 25-40 Euro (aprox. 10-15 days) 
Spedition EMS with tracking number = 50-70 Euro (aprox 5-7 days)
Spedition DHL-TNT-FEDEX-UPS = 100-> Euro (aprox 5-7 days)
(spedition price without extra insurance cost !)

Pin tested with multimeter.

Package content:
- 1 LVB Boot Pin V1.0 (Black)
- 1 LVB Boot Pin V1.1 (Black/Yellow)
- 1 LVB Boot Pin V2.0 (Green)
- 2 LVB Boot Pin V3.0 (Yellow)
- 2 LVB Boot Pin V3.1 (Yellow/Green)


Requires knowledge for handling.

- if it drops it can make damage on furniture or it can make injuries
- for cleaning use water only
- do NOT expose to heat / fire, it is very heat conductive, you can burn yourself
- do not eat
- do not expose it to heat or fire
- do not expose to the high voltage (use 12v for led light)
- use only for mention purposes